The Clerk's 2017 Unclaimed Checks List

2017 Unclaimed Checks

Each year the Clerk's Office provides a list of people who have unclaimed checks issued by the Clerk's Office in the course of court-related activities. Anyone who has a claim to money held by the Orange County Clerk of Courts must contact the Clerk's Office before September 1, 2017 to collect money due.

According to Section 116.21, Florida Statutes, regarding unclaimed court-related property, if a claim is not made against these funds by September 1, 2017, the funds will be forfeited. 

Click the button below to open the unclaimed checks list. With the PDF open, PC users can select “Ctrl+F” and Mac users can select “Command+F” to search the list. If you have searched the list and believe the Clerk's Office is holding a check for which you have a claim, call 407-836-2200 for more information.

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