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Total Hearings: 8
Case NumberHearing DateTime SlotLocationNameJudgeStatus
2018-CT-001717-A-O01/21/20199:00 AMRoom 4-a On The 4th FloorState Of Florida Vs. Millan Camacho, Jesus RamonCaraballo, Tina LCancelled
2018-CF-002476-A-O01/21/20199:30 AMRoom 9-d On The 9th FloorState Of Florida - Vs - Prieto, Mathew JesusBeamer, Denise KimCancelled
2018-CF-008951-A-O01/21/20199:30 AMRoom 9-d On The 9th FloorState Of Florida - Vs - Beal, Keith LamarBeamer, Denise KimCancelled
2004-CA-001611-O01/21/201911:00 AM Benaduce, Giovanna Gentileet Al. Vs. Repokis, Daryl Aet Al.Foreclosure, SalesCancelled
2009-CA-038309-O01/21/201911:00 AM Deutsche Bank National Trust Companyvs.teelucksingh, Wayneet Al.Foreclosure, SalesCancelled
2014-CA-013052-O01/21/201911:00 AM Sun West Mortgage Company Inc Vs. Dacosta, Marcia Met Al.Foreclosure, SalesCancelled
2016-CA-008364-O01/21/201911:00 AM Bank Of America Na Vs. Handy, Michael Set Al.Foreclosure, SalesCancelled
2018-CA-006034-O01/21/201911:00 AM Fifth Third Mortgage Company Vs. Drake, Veronica JForeclosure, SalesCancelled