Operation Green Light Helps Nearly 100 Drivers Restore their Driver’s License

Operation Green Light logo

Recently, the Orange County Clerk of Courts hosted Operation Green Light, which helped nearly two thousand citizens pay outstanding court obligations and nearly 100 customers get their driver’s license reinstated during that week.  

During the event October 14-18, the Orange County Clerk’s office served more than 1800 customers, which helped 97 people reinstate their suspended driver’s license with the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles that week. The Clerk’s Office also cleared many more driver licenses for reinstatement. 

The initiative also helped customers by placing 8,758 cases on a payment plan while a total of 204 cases were paid in full. Nearly $2,000 collected was in the form of restitution that will now get paid to victims of crimes.   

Operation Green Light allowed customers with outstanding traffic tickets and criminal fines to pay overdue court obligations while saving the 25 percent collections agency surcharge. 

Citizens don’t have to wait for a special event to get assistance with overdue cases. Every day the Orange County Clerk of Courts can assist drivers with payment plans, payment contracts or payment extensions. 

Thanks to everyone who worked extremely hard and made this event such a tremendous success.