Clerk Warns of “Bond Refund” Scam

Triangle with an exclamation point and the word "Alert"

The Orange County Clerk of Courts is warning relevant parties of a scam regarding bond refunds. Unsolicited mailers are being sent to individuals who have posted cash bonds in criminal cases. These mailers guarantee recipients that their claim will be processed by our office if the customer pays for a special “request packet” and presents the packet to our office.

Anyone receiving notices like this in the mail should know these request packets are NOT required to receive refunds on cash bonds, nor are those packets published or endorsed by the Clerk’s office. The Clerk’s office will never require payment to third parties for us to disburse payments to individuals who have money held by our office.  Cash bonds are either applied to outstanding balances, or are disbursed to the customer, without the use of these expensive and misleading forms. 

Recipients who believe they have received a misleading mailer can visit to search by case number to determine the status of their related bonds.