Amendment 4: Voting Restoration

Briefcase, gavel, and scales of justice

The Orange County Clerk of Courts is ready to assist people with certain felony convictions, who have completed all the terms of their sentence, and are working to get their voting rights restored. 

While the Clerk of Courts cannot determine if someone is eligible to vote, we can provide any needed court documents as well as provide a status of payments submitted to the Clerk of Courts. Please note if you have made payments to the Department of Corrections or any other government entities, those payments may not be reflected in your case balance on the Clerk’s website.

Anyone who believes they have completed the terms of their sentence, and are now eligible to vote pursuant to the terms of the newly enacted Amendment, will need to register to vote with the Supervisor of Elections.  

There still are a lot of questions about the implementation of this new law, and the Clerk’s Office will assist as needed.  

To review case information and documentation, visit our my eClerk site at Please note that even if the case status may indicate “closed”, that does not guarantee all terms of your sentence have been completed. If you’d like to request certified copies of your documents, you can use our online request form at

To find a case balance, go to the “My Balance” page on our website.  Payments can also be made electronically directly on our website.